The Real Story:

After 25 years of experience in recording music, Fendal Soundstudio's has grown out to one of the most advanced studios in Holland. In June 1998, a few years after the intensive renovation of the building itself, the final "face-lift" of the studio was completed with a new mixing console, the SSL 9000 J. The attraction of Fendal Soundstudio's is based on the dedicated and professional staff, the relaxed atmosphere usually results in a terrific product.

The studio's are situated in the heart of the country, a mere 20 km from Amsterdam/Schiphol and 10 km from Hilversum.

Over the years we've discovered a great demand for a room where 'MIDI-recordings' could be done so a second studio was built, aptly named "Studio 2". This studio is particularly suitable for Radio-commercials, editing and 'small' recordings (such as demos).

Since january 2000 we have the possibillity to make 'Dolby Digital 5.1' recordings, this is especially for DVD. Helmut Lotti was the first one who used our 'Dolby Digital 5.1' facilities for his album "Out of Afrika".